[2024-05-13] Improved: New field for e-mail address in PUT /users/{id}

Endpoint: /api/v1/users/{id}


[2024-04-18] Added: New endpoint for master location / position of an employee

Endpoint: /api/v1/employments/{employment_id}/master_location_position


[2023-11-06] Improved: Three fields in response to "companies" endpoints

Endpoint: /api/v1/companies


[2023-10-30] Improved: New (optional) parameters in POST /api/v1/shiftplan/assign_employments_to_open_shifts

Endpoint: api/v1/shiftplans/assign_employments_to_open_shifts


[2023-09-18] Improved: Faster response times from the GET /api/v1/absences endpoint

Endpoint: /api/v1/absences


[2023-09-11] Improved: New optional parameter "filters[with_master_position]" in GET api/v1/shifts/{id}/available_employments

Endpoint: api/v1/shifts/{id}/available_employments

[2023-09-05] Announcement: Company ID will be mandatory in future endpoint versions

All new versions of endpoints that we will release going forward will make the company ID a required field. This is for information only, as none of the endpoints that are operational today have changed requirements with regards to the company ID as mandatory field. The mandatory/optional status of fields will also not change going forward for these versions of the endpoints.