Which method do I want? (Get, Post, Put, Delete)

Our API endpoints can be accessed with different request methods - each method has its own page in the navigation bar. Find out how to choose among them.

The method that you use in conjunction with an endpoint will define the HTTP request type

The following table will provide some general info on the differences between the methods:

Request typeNote
GetFetch information on an object, or on a list of objects
Example: Information regarding an employment
This is the only method that will not change any of the fields in an object
PostCreate a new object
Example: Create a shift
If successful, you will have one more object afterwards
PutChange an object
Example: Change an evaluation
All the fields of an existing object are changed to a new value, with the sole exception that for "/users" a Put will keep former field values if you don't provide new ones.
DeleteDelete an object
Example: Soft-delete an employment (recoverable)
To hard-delete (unrecoverable, data lost) you will find Post requests for the respective "entity/destroy" endpoint